Senior Education Programs

Visit Types

A visit to the Antiquities Museum can be either 1, 2, or 3 hours.  You can choose from a range of thematic tours and hands-on workshops, each 1 hour in length, in order to customise your experience.  All of our program options are aligned with the Queensland Senior Ancient History Syllabus.


We offer guided tours of the Museum gallery which holds the foremost collection of Mediterranean antiquities on public display in Queensland.  Each tour has been developed around a specific theme and focuses on objects that are relevant to the curriculum units.

Egypt: Land of the Pharaohs
This tour explores the influence of the pharaoh on various aspects of Egyptian society and culture, and the major achievements of the pharaonic period.

Greek Warfare
In this tour, we examine the armour and weapons of the Greek hoplite in the 5th century BC, as well as other aspects of ancient Greek warfare.

Classical Archaeology: Techniques and Methodologies
In this tour, we explore some of the techniques and methods used by archaeologists to investigate the classical world.

Ancient Religions
This tour explores the concept of religion in the ancient world, from the different gods to the various practices of worshipping these gods in Greek, Roman, and Egyptian societies. 

Ancient Technologies
This tour explores the major technological achievements of the ancient world including pottery production, glass manufacture, and metalworking.

The Roman Army
This tour features an overview of the armour and weapons of the Roman army in the 1st century AD and explores the role of the army within Roman society.

Greek and Roman Daily Life
This tour examines some of the key features of Greek and Roman society including entertainment, slavery, and the role of women.

Death and Burial in the Ancient World
In this tour, we examine the practices of mummification, inhumation, and cremation in the ancient world as well as the various beliefs of the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians about the afterlife.

Ancient Civilisations
This is a general tour covering the ancient civilisations of Greece, Rome, and Egypt.


Our workshops offer a hands-on learning experience.  Students have the opportunity to handle a range of objects from our teaching collection while learning how to analyse and interpret these objects as evidence.   

Each workshop seeks to help students understand the nature of material culture and what it can tell us about the past.  They will use and develop a range of skills including analysis and use of sources, critical thinking and problem solving, and the interpretation of evidence, which are fundamental to the process of historical inquiry.

Trade in the Ancient Mediterranean
This workshop focuses on the importance of trade in connecting Greece with the wider Mediterranean.  Students are presented with a scenario in which they examine the archaeological finds from harbour site, and use these to consider the impact of trade on the development of Greek culture.

Sanctuaries and the Sacred
In this workshop, students examine the remains of an ancient Greek sanctuary. They will analyse an assemblage of objects from the site and determine what types of ritual activities took place there, as well as draw conclusions as to which deity the sanctuary was dedicated to.

Life in the Roman Villa
This workshop focuses on the various beliefs, values, and practices of the ancient Romans in a domestic context.  Students will analyse an assemblage of artefacts from a Roman villa and consider what evidence they provide of everyday life.

Coinage and Propaganda of the Roman Emperors
In this workshop, we examine how the emperors used coinage to develop their public image and communicate important political messages to the Roman people. Students will learn how to analyse and interpret coins using examples from the 1st century AD and explore the meaning behind their designs.

The Mummification Process
This workshop examines the mummification process, focusing on the purpose of mummification with respect to the ancient Egyptian belief in the afterlife.  Students will be taken through the stages of the wrapping and interment of the body using wooden mannequins.

Valley of the Kings
This workshop examines the history of exploration and archaeology in the Valley of the Kings. Students will investigate a newly discovered tomb in the royal necropolis and use the artefacts to piece together a history of the site.

Visit Type Price (incl. GST)
1 hour $10.50 per student
2 hour $15.50 per student
3 hour $20.00 per student

Prices current for 2019 bookings. Please note that minimum costs apply to groups of 12 or less students: 1 hour = $135.00, 2 hours = $190.00, 3 hours = $250.00.  All prices include GST.