HINDSIGHT: Selected New Acquisitions 2000-2020

The RD Milns Antiquities Museum’s collection is our inspiration, our most valuable resource, and the thing that repeatedly brings people back to the Museum. Over the past 20 years, many significant artefacts have been added to the collection, but in 2021, with a greater appreciation of the ethical, legal and financial constraints of acquisitions, the Museum is moving away from actively acquiring artefacts and towards a more reflective view of its collection. 

Hindsight looks back over the past 20 years to highlight some of the acquisitions, both big and small, that occurred during this period. It considers how and why the collection has grown in particular ways, the stories that can be told from these artefacts, and asks: “What is there left to find out?” 

Curators: James Donaldson (Museum Manager and Curator), Dr Janette McWilliam (Director), Alessandra Schultz (Curatorial Assistant)