Then and Now

June 2013 to May 2014

‘Then and Now: 50 Years of Antiquities 1963-2013’ introduces the first phase of a larger project on the History of the RD Milns Antiquities Museum. This exhibition celebrates the Museum’s 50th anniversary by honouring the generosity of donors, volunteers, staff and supporters. 

The collection we see today began in 1963 with a purchase of a single amphora. This vase was originally stored in a cupboard in the office of Professor G Cooper. In 1970 the collection was  first publicly displayed in two glass cabinets in the Hartley Teakle Building. Today the Museum, now housed in a purpose-built gallery, contains over 1000 artefacts and several thousand fragments which help to preserve the history of the cultures of Greece, Rome, Egypt and the Near East.

The Antiquities Museum welcomes students, researchers, volunteers, alumni, and members of the public to share in the wonders of the collection, to celebrate its history, and to appreciate the importance of these civilizations in Australia’s history.

Curated by Dr Janette McWilliam, Mr James Donaldson, and Mr Daniel Patrick Press