77.001 Italo-Corinthian Helmet, Bronze,
Greek from Italy, 300-200 BC

The Museum is grateful for the continuing and generous support of the Friends of Antiquity. 

The Friends of Antiquity was established in 1988 as a special interest group of the Alumni Friends of The University of Queensland to support the Classics and Ancient History Department (now the discipline of Classics and Ancient History in the School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry). The Friends of Antiquity and the Alumni Friends have assisted the Museum in the purchase of many important artefacts. The Museum has now ceased purchasing artefacts from the antiquities market and the Friends of Antiquity now support the Museum in other ways, including sponsoring exhibitions and student experiences. 

These include: 

In 2017, the Alumni Friends celebrated their 50th anniversary.  The Museum marked this occasion with a special exhibition '50 Years of Giving' which showcases the contributions of the Alumni Friends to the collection over the years.

The Friends of Antiquity runs a monthly Sunday Series lecture on topics from the ancient world. They also host an annual Ancient History Day at The University of Queensland, featuring national and international scholars speaking on a particular theme. To find out more or to join the Friends of Antiquity, please visit their website: https://alumni.uq.edu.au/friends-of-antiquity.